About Staggers


STAGGERS, the truly iconic brand of the 70’s, legendary for its positive and ironic attitude to life and fashion, has continued to lead Australia into a denim revolution since the label was first launched in 1969 by Joseph Saba, Melbourne Australia.

Joseph Saba described as ‘arguably the most creative force in Australian fashion’, is an icon of Australian fashion and creator of Staggers Jeans.

The birth of Staggers evolved 4 years after Joseph Saba opened his first store, the “Joseph Saba Shirt and Sweater Shop”, in Flinders Lane, Melbourne in 1965. This was followed by two more stores twelve months later with name change to “The Stag Shoppe”.

Joseph Saba observed from London, that jeans and denim were undergoing a revolution  and consequently the ‘Staggers’ label  by Joseph Saba was launched in 1969.

The year 1971 ushered in a successful manufacturing partnership arrangement for Staggers by Joseph Saba with Adelaide based Oxford Clothing Company – Don Ridge and John Baggio. Along with the rebranding of “The Stag Shoppe” to “Staggers” and a new license agreement, the popularity of Staggers soured across Australia in the early ‘70’s with offices in every state.

Such was the phenomenon of Staggers, that security staff, were required at the Flinders Lane Staggers store to control the waiting crowds. Customers bought their Staggers jeans still wet from the washers, the jeans couldn’t be dried quick enough to keep up with the demand and it was Joseph Saba, behind Staggers, that helped revolutionise jeans in Australia at that time.

In 1975 an international marketing company based in Hong Kong was formed “Staggers International BV” and  Staggers was then marketed to USA, UK, Japan, Dubai, Israel and with the establishment of a London based Distributor – Stobblet Limited, Dick Turner in Fulham Rd, Chelsea,  Staggers was marketed across Europe for the next 10 years.

Mid 80’s, saw Joseph Saba sell Staggers to Oxford Clothing Company- Ridge Family where it has continued the journey and thrive as a quality, good fitting, Iconic, Australian, Fashion, Jeanswear brand. 

Today, the understated STAGGERS aesthetic is still long and lean, sleek and slim, super-fitted and definitively sexy baked with an understated vintage feel. Modern silhouettes and modern proportions are used to create a seductive twist on the existing runway-street-filtered style to combine romantic innocence and hard rocker edge. Daringly original and rebelliously confident, our collections offers a volume of innovative, progressive, cutting-edge styles including the skinny leg hi rise, pipe leg cut-off and boot cut jeans, as well as a broken hem Mini and classic denim Jackets, crafted from premium soft finish Kaihara stretch denim.

The original signature Dove logo also features throughout the collections, symbolising freedom, femininity and independent spirit to form the organic identity of the STAGGERS label. A strong sense of individuality and character is further created with time and wear of STAGGERS denim, forming a second skin that portrays your life story – personal and naked.

Just like a rock band, the STAGGERS collection is tight, unpredictable and free of inhibitions, rejecting any kind of airbrushed reality, poised to adorn the bodies of jean enthusiasts, denim junkies, and style mavens across the country from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s into the new century, from Baby boomer's to Milennials and beyond.

So whether you’re a rock star, or just dating one – buy yourself a piece of Australian fashion history and check out our new evocative, exceptional and ever-evolving line-up that is nothing short of denim perfection… pure ‘jeanious’.